Walking and Striving

Lisianthus–I think I have posted it before, but I love this flower in my parents’ garden.

Gratitude List:
1. Goldfinches (yes, they were on here recently)–Usually when I imagine that I can fly, I am a hawk or an eagle, sailing high with a long view. Or a crow, battling winds with a fierce wildness.  But were I a goldfinch, I would dance down sunbeams on my imaginary roller coaster–up and up, then coast, up again, and coast–golden in the sun’s golden.  And sing for joy.
2. My nieces and nephews.  They just keep being wonderful people.  Two of them visited yesterday, and we had a great conversation, hearing about their recent travels.  I love these people.
3. Morning walk.  It does make it harder to get up.  I do not like to exert myself in the mornings.  I like to wake up slowly.  But this old dog needs to try some new tricks, and I like the walking, and the being done walking.
4. Organizing.  Yesterday I went through the boxes and bags of files that I brought home to use or recycle as I get ready for fall classes.  One step closer. . .  I am beginning to get excited about the next season of school.  (But I am still planning to thoroughly enjoy the next few weeks of waking up after 6 and not having a scheduled day.)
5. Striving.  I think I am sort of good enough at many of the things that I do, and enthusiasm perhaps goes a long way toward making thing work out okay–but I have a lot of tweaks and improvements to make in many areas of my life.  I am glad that I don’t have to be perfect, that I get to keep trying, to keep trying to fix things up and do better.  As the journey itself is the destination, the striving–not the perfecting–is the work.

May we walk in Beauty!


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