Simply Gratitude


Gratitude List:
1. It’s not Lyme Disease. I asked for the blood test because I did pull a little tick off my neck last week. But the test was negative.
2. Sore throat is going away
3. Friday nights mean long sleeps
4. Reminders that I am in charge of my own story
5. Amazing student musicians. The choral concert this weekend is going to be incredible.

May we walk in Beauty!


2 thoughts on “Simply Gratitude

    • I have been playing with the Dreamscope app on my Chromebook. It melds photos with paintings. Or it can meld two photos together. It feels a bit like a cheat because it really doesn’t take any artfulness on my part, but I really like the results, and it’s a quick way to get an interesting and artful graphic for the blog. For the stories that I am writing lately, I have been finding photos that are labeled for reuse and then working them through Dreamscope to come up with some art to illustrate the stories.


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